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Orlando Vicente TII
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA



2017, Silver Addy Award
2016, Aster Award
2016, Marketing Association Award

Picking up a digital camera in 2001 was only the beginning. The future was more than could be imagined. Passion for the craft of movie/video production and making beautiful images is the center of everything, but to experience the world through travel and meaningful relationships is truly the nucleus that life and creativity revolves around.


I travel any chance I get. In college my camera took me to Jamaica. The goal was to shoot ads that would steer students to Jamaica instead of Cancun for spring break. That trip changed my life. Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Paris, Korea, Panama, Atlanta are just a few of the places that I've had the privilege to practice video and photography. 

I am up to any challenge, my bags are always packed and ready. I am a storyteller, a traveller and I make images (moving and stills). 

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